January 2018

I've not proved myself to be the best blogger given the length of time that's passed since I last wrote here.  I blame it on a year of creativity which occupied me - a combination of more wonderful and diverse cake commissions, and working towards a private ceramic exhibition.

It's now a fairly busy time of year so a juggling act between cake and clay.  Cake still has to take priority, and the ceramic work is fitted in when time and space allows.  I shall put a post here when the exhibition is due to happen a bit later this year, (but not too much later.)

In the meantime, I continue to be challenged with my work, and fortunately to enjoy it so much, and that includes the people that walk through my studio doors, bringing their ideas and their stories, and not least, their warmth.

So many thanks to you all.



5 September 2016 -

I'm struggling to believe that almost two months has passed since I last wrote here.  My life!  I've been occupied creating ....... I really enjoyed making a vintage Austin Healey for the anniversary of two magazines - My Wedding and Let's Travel - it was left entirely up to me what I made.  So I chose the beautiful car with its' gorgeous lines, the likes of which aren't made any more.  In went a bridal pair with some luggage on the back, thereby incorporating both themes.  It was well received.  

Another notable work was a sculpted entry into The Chocolate and Coffee Show that took place in Auckland just this past weekend.  The theme given was Celebrating Spring, and again, then it was left to me to make whatever I thought fitted the bill.  So I made the head and torso of a young woman with flower garlands in her hair, a nest of baby birds on one shoulder, and Mama Bird perched on her head.  

Meanwhile I am working away at both cakes and ceramic sculptures - sometimes there's a bit of a cross-over (not literally) and it keeps me creatively very engaged and inspired.



4 July 2016 -

I've been busy and had no chance to write - the increase in use of social media means that now I not only make cakes and run my business as before, but also need time to update Facebook and Pinterest pages and soon, Instagram, which is quite a lot to juggle as a sole operator.  However, that said, as I was working away last week on some lovely creative cakes, I realised how content I am when absorbed in this type of work.  It often doesn't feel like work - more like playtime, especially when involved in children's cakes and able to indulge my own inner child and bring whimsy to life.  A lot of kids' cakes are like an edible 3-d storybook illustration!

I love to tell stories with my work, and a recent anniversary cake allowed me to do that - recreating a vintage Italian scooter that a young couple used to hare around on before, and after, they were married back in the 60's.  I put their younger selves on the scooter, and the expression on the face of the couple when they saw the cake, (now 50 years into their marriage) was reward in itself.


Opening blog post

10 June 2016

It’s long been suggested that I write a regular blog, so I have finally succumbed to the pressure! I provide regular columns for a wedding publication (My Wedding Magazine) in which I have written about the history of wedding cakes, traditions, trends, and all manner of cake related things.

Fortunately for me, the love of cake doesn’t seem to go out of fashion - styles of presentation and flavour preferences come and go, which is the nature of fashion - but cake itself is still enjoyed and eaten for pleasure at myriad celebrations, and just because............ sat down with a cuppa’ .... dinner with friends ...... intimate tête à tête with a loved one.

As yet, in this digital age, edible cakes can’t be produced by a 3-d printer so us cake makers are still in business. And thank God for that. Here’s to all those craftspeople that use their hands to create beautiful things that a computer just can’t do.

These blogs won’t always be about cake - I might cover random topics that are on my mind. I’ve been mulling over how things were simpler before, not that long ago.......... does technology make things easier? It certainly doesn’t in terms of how much time is spent. Used to be that I placed an advert here or there and it was done. Now, I have a website to keep current, Facebook pages to manage, A BLOG TO WRITE, Pinterest pages........ the load increases.

As a hands on artist it’s quite a big ask to keep on top of everything - but I am so thankful for the ability to be able to

immerse myself in the practical making of things, that takes me healthily away from a computer screen.

Before this turns into a rant, I’ll stop here, for today.