About me .....

Hello, I'm Jenny and the creator of these cakes.  I used to daydream about working from home and somehow turning my artistic pursuits into a livelihood - in fact I was often "accused" of being a romantic dreamer.... But here I am, since 2004, and going strong.  Soon I will add a "keepsake" page to this site as I am now producing things in ceramic too.

I meet wonderful and diverse people during the course of this work, and sometimes great ideas walk in my door on two legs - I love the stories they come with, which provide the foundation for these cakes.
I particularly enjoy the sculptural aspect of much of my work, and the painting - and I feel I should emphasise that I never use stencils or transfers or tracing - it's all done with the miracle of hands and eyes.  So the painted work is me and a brush, and the lace is piped, not stuck on!

I frequently feel that my customers give me "gifts of commissions" when they offer me free rein to interpret and design as I please - it's incredibly trusting, as well as being a responsibility ... but a lovely one to have bestowed on me! So, thank you.

Repeat work from people allows me to build relationships and provides some continuity - I see people wed and then make cakes for their babies ........

So, long may this creative quest continue to evolve. And do keep the hugs and smiles coming, along with those idiosyncratic requests for cakes which challenge and extend me, and make me laugh out loud ......


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